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Thursday, May 27, 2010

West Elm: The Store

I visit West Elm's website at least once a week and browse their catalog every time it comes in the mail, but I had never been into a store until yesterday.  It was nice to check out everything I like online  in person.  And I loved looking at all of their displays and setups.  Here are the things I really liked:

I think I've thought about getting this rug about once a month.  I really liked it in person.  The yellow version is also right up my alley.

Besides using these as serving trays, I think they would also be great in an office setting for paper storage.

I was in love with these frames...It took everything I had to leave without them.  The linen mattes are so perfect.  I'm already thinking of ways I could DIY these.


Lindsey said...

Hi Bri,

Its Lindsey, Katie Taylor's sister! I just have to say I love your blog & your photography- you are SO creative!! I just had a new baby and I was wondering if I could get her name incorporated into our blog header. Let me know if you want me to pay you to design a new one, or if you even would do that or want to! Keep posting your cute baby pictures & projects!!!

the sleepy time gal said...

it looks like linen mat board, is it?