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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

NOTE: Make sure to scroll over these paragraphs because there are plenty of links to click!

I don't know how many of you have heard this story/opportunity, but I thought I would share with you. There is a very popular blog called NieNieDialogues written by Stephanie Nielson. She literally has hundreds of readers. She is a mother, a wife to four, and an extraordinary person. I've never met her, but when I read her blog I either want to be friends with her or just be her. She has impeccable personal style, great design taste, she is a great mom and a genuine person. Stephanie and her husband Christian, who she so obviously adores, were in a small plane crash in Arizona. The pilot lost his life. Stephanie's body was burned over 80% and Christian sustained burns over 30% of his body. Both are in chemically induced comas and will probably remain that way for months. Their recovery is likely to cost into the millions. Their children are staying in Utah with Stephanie's sister, CJane, who also writes brilliantly on her own blog. For some reason, I can't get them off my mind. Everyday I tell Adam an update or something I learned about them and their situation. I'm pretty sure CJane's words have made me cry at least a few times.

This story has affected so many people besides me, that over 275 people are holding auctions on what has been declared "NieNie Day" today. Most of the auctions will go until Sunday and all proceeds will be donated to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Recovery Fund, dedicated to help with medical expenses as well as keeping their household running. Let me tell you, the stuff being auctioned is fabulous. Art, jewelry, photography sessions, concert tickets, clothing, baby stuff, home decor and so much more. To see what you can bid on by category go here. I'm currently sitting at the airport on my way back to Provo deciding what I want to bid on (thank you Albuquerque airport for the free internet!). There is something for everyone! Even if you aren't planning on bidding, I promise you will be touched and spiritually uplifted by the love and support of the Nielson's family as well as by the hundreds of bloggers out there.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wifey Wounds

No, I did not brand myself, and no, I am not part of a tribal society. And NO, I am not into self-inflicting wounds. However, I did happen to burn myself with a cookie sheet while taking rolls out of the oven. How did I get 2 burn marks on the crease of my elbow (yes, that picture is of my elbow)? I have no idea. Something about turning my wrist in towards my arm...I really don't know. All I know is it's pretty much the grossest thing. It has puffed up and scabbed over and peeled and gotten red. All the stages of "healing". (Don't worry parents and grandparents, I have been applying Neosporin. Well actually the Target brand because I'm cheap.) Adam kinda likes it...He thinks it is an ode to the St. Louis Arch. But he's probably hoping that my arm will fall off so I can get a cool prosthetic, like a lobster claw. Oh wait, that's his wish for himself. Let's just hope this thing goes away soon so the weird looks can cease...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This post title is dedicated to Adam. He hates the terms "NorCal" and "SoCal". I dunno...must be a Californian thing. Anyway, long time no blog. I decided last minute to meet up with my family in Santa Cruz, CA, as a surprise to my siblings and to my Great-Grandma MeMe. Sadly, Adam had to stay in St. Louis and work. This trip was the first time we'd been apart in a LONG time. Before I left St. Louis, we had a goodbye dinner since several people from our office out here were leaving soon. Here we all are, as cute as ever.

My flight got in just a little before my family's flight. Surprising the kids was pretty funny. I casually bumped into Jess, and pulled Tali and Shane from behind. I think they were all pretty excited. We stayed in the infamous Jay's Timberlane Lodge, Cabin 10. It's pretty much the only place to stay around where MeMe and my Grandpa Robb live. Jess's boyfriend Matt came along, which means there were 7 of us in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom log cabin. I have no idea why the picture turned out with a creepy haze...

We decided to take a day trip to San Francisco. I haven't been to San Fran since I was a little kid! We did a lot of the touristy things. First we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. At least we think we did...It was so foggy, you literally couldn't seen past 15 ft. up the bridge.

We went to Pier 39 and walked in and out of some of the shops. We also stopped by Ghirardelli Square. I took Jess's boyfriend Matt to his first In and Out experience. Cyle was disappointed because he hadn't had the In and Out experience either and he missed out! After struggling to find places to shop, I called my expert San Franner, Stina. She directed us to Union Square where we spent the rest of our day. We were deciding on how we wanted to get to Union Square when we were told that there was a limo just down the road that would gladly take us there. We hopped in and for a very low cost, got exactly where we needed to go!

I had a blast seeing MeMe, Grandpa Robb and Charlene (and Biscuit), Auntie JoEllen, Sandy, Jeff, baby Macie plus little baby on the way and of course "The Gang".

I did however miss my hubster while I was gone. I came home to a spotless house and these 2 things. Adam just loves to pretend that I LOVE Hannah Montana and buys me pretty much anything he sees with her on it. It reminds me of another family joke...Hello!Kitty anyone?!?