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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Rental Redesign: Chair Before and After

 These are the chairs I picked up at a yard sale last week for $7.  They weren't really a necessary item that I needed for the room, but I loved their look.  We hope to take them home with us!  So far they have only been recovered, but I plan on picking up some tung oil to make the wood look like new.

In their before state, these chairs were sporting the leopard look.  One had a pink leopard print cover and the other had this green color pictured below.

I really shouldn't be posting this, because it is a terrible picture!  In their after state, they have a nice green/gold silk fabric.

I'll have to take nicer pictures of them, where they are not backlit, when the room is almost together.  I plan to have the room about 80% by the end of the week!

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