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Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Rental Redesign: Lamp Before/After

We picked these lamps up from a yard sale.  Adam and I decided to do a little mix and match since we didn't like the shades that originally went with the lamps.  We grabbed lamp shades from another pair of lamps at the sale.  We paid $10 per lamp (too much I think), but I love how they turned out. 

Here is the before (I forgot to include the shade):


I gave the lamps a coat of a pale green spray paint.  I bought some decorative rope at Hobby Lobby for $5 and hot glued it to the lamp shades just to add a little something extra.  Hopefully soon I'll have endtables to place these nice "new" lamps on!  Total cost for the 2 lamps: $27.  Again, that price is much higher than I was planning, but I think they turned out perfect.  Plus I think I can sell them back for at least that much!

And here's a peek at the nightstand I found at Salvation Army for $4.95.  It's in the process of getting a navy blue paint treatment.

On Saturday I also picked up a pair of mid-century modern (my favorite era) chairs from a yard sale.  I was expecting to ask the price and have to sadly walk away, but I was shocked when the lady told me she would take $7 for both of them.  Adam and I are actually hoping we can take them back home with us.  That's how much we love them!


Rachel Mae said...

Hi Bri! Mel just told me about your blog, and I love it! You have so many fun sewing and decorating ideas on here. And a cute baby of course :). I also love your current project. I've been wanting to do something similar with our very boring and mismatched house (I can't bear to spend too much money though because I don't know how much longer we'll be here) . . . can't wait to see what you come up with!

the sleepy time gal said...

how inventive! i love the lamps.

tvmom said...

Did you have to use a specific type of spray paint? And did you spray paint the entire lamp or just the part we can see?

Looks awesome, I want to do this!

Bri said...

I just used regular spray paint! You can coat it with a protective spray as well. It's so easy...you should definitely do it!

tvmom said...