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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So I don't want you to think that I haven't been without internet or that I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to check blogs...because that's not the case. I problably read your blog Apparently I've just been avoiding my own blog. Here is an update.


We bought a house! Here's the only picture I have of the outside. The staircase on the side leads to a small apartment we're renting. I'll (hopefully, don't hold your breath) be updating pretty frequently as we finish each room. It's coming along and we are loving it! It's amazing what a coat of paint does for a room.

We did the untraditional thing this Christmas and went on a cruise Adam won through work. Sorry no picture of us by the Christmas tree, I know you're disappointed. This cruise was the first for both of us. We sailed to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

I had been dreaming about the day, the day where I would ride a Segway a la GOB from Arrested Development. I have long talked about renting them with some of my A.D. friends but the cost (around here at least) was a little too much. But that's why you go to Mexico! Adam and I went on a Segway tour and it was awesome. They are so much fun to ride. I also somehow managed to get in a Segway accident (no fatalities or major injuries...just a broken but then fixed flip-flop). Some 40 year old dad didn't know how to ride his Segway and completely stopped in the middle of the tour because "his battery died". (Note: he continued with his "dead battery" all the way through the rest of the tour). His stopping caused 4 Segway pile up. It was pretty funny.

January: We spent a week in California and visited Adam's family. I love the California weather! It was beautiful and we loved playing with the kids! Adam and his Dad are crazy and went swimming in the ocean, at night, where the water was maybe 50 degrees. This is a nightly ritual for Adam's dad.

Now we're back home and a trying to work hard on the house. Adam is back at school and busy with work stuff. I'm student teaching in Orem with a cute group of second graders who never cease to make me laugh. I have an informative post on "what your child's teacher hears" coming soon!