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Friday, May 21, 2010


I need some art prints to put in some of my frames.  I have decided to find some that I took and have them printed.  Isn't it strange that we rarely get prints anymore?  At least for me, I can't really remember the last time I had photos printed!  Here's what I'm thinking.

I might also print off some of the free artwork available on Indie Fixx.

Does anyone else have problems with scheduling posts?  Sometimes my posts revert back to drafts, even though I hit publish.  I read that this has been an issue with Blogger for awhile now.  It's very annoying!   

We have some exciting things planned this weekend.  More about that on Monday.  Plus I can't wait to show the progress to our rooms! Happy weekend!


Julie and Spencer said...

Bri I love your blog! I can't believe you have a baby and live in Chicago! Wow you are lucky to have left Utah haha. Anyway, great to see you on here!


Barratt Family said...

Bri i love your blog! i must say it is one of my favorites! You are so creative! I always check it out when im feeling crafty!