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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Rental Redesign: Nightstand & Lamp Before/After

The bedroom is coming along, slowly but surely.  The lamp below was marked as $5.99 at Tuesday Morning but rang up for $2.99!  Score!  The nightstand was from Salvation Army and was only $4.95. 

After a couple coats of spray paint on each, they now look like this:

The letters propped up will be going up on the wall soon!


Chapman Family said...

Super cute! Please call us when you are in town...we would love to see you and Rilo Jane! 697-2464

felonymelanie said...

love the color combo! Genius! You have such an eye!

myblackfriendsays said...

quite the transformation!

Exteena said...

Ah this is so awesome! Can you just bring all the things you are transforming back for me?

Charlotte said...

gorgeous! i love the bold color choices! it makes me think maybe i should just paint that ugly side table in my living room that i hate instead of replacing it! nothing like making your surroundings vibrant. :)