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Saturday, December 6, 2008


So maybe I haven't posted for over a month. I've just been sooo busy. Well I mean I guess I was teaching 6th grade everyday, but really I wasn't that busy. I have no excuses. Well I could create some...like some of the 6th graders whose homework seemed to "disappear". But instead, I will just show you pictures of things we have been doing since the last post.

Okay that's not true. These two pictures are actually from September when Adam's Mom, his sister Melissa and her kids came to visit. I thought they were cute though. Here are more recent pics now.
Don't the kids look thrilled?

Adam and I babysat Ollie and Ava. To ensure that we would be known as "The Best Aunt and Uncle Ever", we took them to Chuck-E-Cheese followed by ice cream. Ollie was content to just run around and watch the games. Ava wanted to ride each ride. Not once. But many times. Also, she tried to steal people's tickets. I'm not sure who told her at the young age of 2 that tickets lead to prizes...but maybe it's just a child's instinct.

Moving along to Halloween. Obviously Adam and I were Hannah Montana and one of the Jonas Brothers. Obviously. We went to a cute little Halloween party at one of Adam's mission companions apartment. Adam and I won the pumpkin carving contest. Also, obviously. We used a drill for part of it. (See Dad, installing cabinets with you has come in handy! I can use a drill for a pumpkin!)

Well, I'll have to a Thanksgiving post next month. Just kidding. Maybe.