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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bathroom Update #1

It's Monday...and still no baby! I can't say that I'm surprised. She has not been showing any signs of coming anytime soon. I'm still feeling great...antsy, but great. To keep myself busy, I have a bunch of little projects to do this week so I don't go crazy.

This weekend we tackled painting the bathroom. Remember this inspiration board?
After taking out the old sink, we discovered some really awesome 80's wallpaper. They apparently didn't care about removing it since the sink was going there.

I wanted to paint the top half of the bathroom white and the lower portion a darker greyish shade of the aqua color called "Aqua Smoke" by Behr. Home Depot happens to be having a paint sale where Glidden paint is only $14.97 for a gallon. So I had them color match the Behr color using the Glidden paint. Well, let's just say it DID NOT TURN OUT. You can see for yourself.

Oh well for color matching!! I am not going for a child's Caribbean themed bathroom thank you very much. I was going for a calm, serene color. So today, I'm headed back to Home Depot to get the right color this time.


Nicole said...

ok, i've checked your blog literally like 15 times today waiting to see baby photos!!! but that's ok, paint and paint some more so when she comes you'll have all eyes on her.

Kim Murray said...

I love baby blog stalking when people are close to their due date. Hang in there! Don't smell paint fumes though.

Ashley said...

Ok so too funny - my husband and I just finished putting in a brand new bathroom, and the day I went into labor was the day everything (except for the very last bit of paint) was finished! Maybe it's these darn bathroom projects that made our girls want to stay inside for so long! :) Hoping yours comes soon - being a mom is amazing!