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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Big Thank You...

...to Heather from The Cotorie and to Priscila from Little Miss Heirlooms for featuring my nursery on their blogs! I've used both of these sites for finding inspiration so I am extremely flattered!

Make sure to check out Little Miss Heirlooms. Pricila's blog is a great resource for anything baby/child. She features adorable rooms and products. I actually happened to be on her site at the very moment she contacted me about the feature!

And in case you're looking for some more inspiration, my other two favorite nursery/baby/child sites are OhDeeDoh and Spearmint Baby.

Oh, and I'm really thinking this weekend could be the weekend! I think we're getting somewhere today!


sorichfamily said...

oh bri...i hope this sweet little girl makes her debut just when you want her to!!

i am loving your nursery and all the fun things you have been up to! i am going to make snowman pancakes for the kids this weekend...great inspiration!

do you need/want anything else for your baby? we would love to send you a little something! let me know...email, facebook, or comment on my blog!

and ps...have you read ina may gaskin's {http://www.inamay.com/} book yet?

it was such a great resource for me with my pregnancies and deliveries. it really got me in a great mental place and really helped with Charlie's birth...you can check it out at the library...and i know barnes and noble has it...if you're interested!

good luck! we can't wait to see her! i'll be sending you some great birthing vibes! :) you can do it!

Lindsey said...

Hey Bri,

Enjoy these last few moments because when you look back they are the BEST memories of excitement and joy. It makes me teary eyed to think of my labor experiences, especially my first (with a girl) because they are just so SO special. Good luck!!!!