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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have You Noticed A Theme Yet...

...I love dresses. I used to wear them every day in the summer! I'm always drawn to dresses online or in the store. You may have noticed from all the posts on dresses by now.

Today, I hopped over to one of Cjane's blogs, and saw she posted about eShatki. She mentioned they made completely customizable dresses. Sleeves/no sleeves, v-neck/round neck, shorter/longer, bigger here/smaller there...you get the idea. Well, that's neat and all, but all I could guess when I clicked the link was that I could not afford a $200 customized dress.

Except...I only saw 2 digits in the price. Most of the dresses are between $39 and $59 dollars. What?! They do charge a $15 fee if you want to customize, but really?! A dress that could be made completely for me for less than $80. That's pretty good. Especially if you had a wedding or event to attend! Plus, they have tops, bottoms, accessories, etc. And it's all very cute. I think that I will pick out a dress to reward myself post-pregnancy.

Love this yellow dress.
Maybe put an elbow lenth sleeve on this one?!

Or maybe even this yellow one?

Check it out here.


Jami said...

You and me could never share clothes. I hate dresses (on me). I can't wait to get out of them after church. I think I would like church more if I could wear jeans, but that's just me. Maybe I need you to be my stylist :)

{Erica} said...

I about died when I saw Courtney's post about this! AWESOME!

I had my eye on both those yellow ones too...sadly I'm thinking I'll have to wait until after the baby...

The Taylors said...

I went to this post today and looked at the dresses thinking they were going to be in the VERY high price range and was shocked when they weren't!! I will probably be getting a couple from there in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I want the first yellow dress, super cute!