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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Little One,

Here I am when you were just a tiny little thing.
What's up with my hair?

And here I am now! It looks like you've grown...and so have I!

I hope this is the last one of these pictures I have to post....Maybe you'll be like me and come exactly on your due date! I won't hold my breath though. I think you're coming on your own time and that's okay.

I am just so excited to meet you! I am trying to "enjoy my sleep" as everyone keeps telling me. But really, I think you'll be worth the lack of sleep.

Your Dad is excited too! So excited that while on a business trip to Chicago and Indianapolis a few weeks ago, he stopped by 2 large H&M's. Even though it's his favorite store, he didn't buy one thing for himself. Instead, he came back with all of this...just for you!

He even remembered the little things. Like shoes and socks.

And even matching headbands.
You are going to be one loved little girl!

Patiently (or more like impatiently) Waiting,
Mom and Dad

P.S. Please don't turn out to be a boy. I mean, I wouldn't love you any less, but I'd have a lot of returning to do.


Ashley said...

That is so sweet! I LOVE the headbands - too cute :)

When I was about 30 weeks my husband rolled over in bed one night and out of the blue asked, "So what if she ends up being a boy?"

I told him not to scare me with questions like that :-p. We were lucky enough to have another ultrasound at about 34 weeks that confirmed she's all girl, so we're in the clear. Hoping yours is all girl, too!

{Erica} said...

So awesome that your husband went and bought clothes for the baby all on his own! Shopping for little girls is SO MUCH FUN!! I'm so going to miss that!

p.s. aren't you glad that H&M has baby clothes? LOVE IT!

p.p.s. You look a.mazing for being full term. Hope the baby comes asap!

Katie Bug said...

You are right, she will be worth every minute of sleep missed! Your husband's shopping spree is so sweet! I wish we had H&M here in Dallas.

Nicole said...

he's got great taste!!!! i wish H M were closer. hang in there.... i can't wait to see the post introducing the baby!