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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Printable Birthday Calendar

I don't know about you, but I have really been trying to figure out the best system for keeping track of birthdays. I have a pretty good memory, but I have lots of new family and friends to keep track of these days. Facebook is helpful, but it only tells you a few days before and not everyone is on Facebook. I've tried various methods...saving an email, updating in my iCal, writing it in on a normal calendar but they never seem to work out. My hard drive crashes, I forget to look at the email, I throw away the calendar at the end of the year, etc. SO, I've been wanting somewhere to write down birthdays that I can keep year after year and that looks nice at my desk.

Somewhere, in the vast space that is the internet, I saw a birthday calendar where you could write in the birthdays of friends and family for each month and I decided to make my own! And I thought I would share it with you!

{ If I missed your birthday, just know that I just did this quickly purely for the sake of pictures :) }

After I cut out the calendar, I punched a hole at the top of each month and hung them on my craft pegboard. But you could easily put a binder ring clip on them or put them on your fridge with a magnet.

You can download the Birthday Calendar for free by clicking the link and then the download button on the new page it opens. My internet is not cooperating with me today, but I'll hopefully be able to fix it into a direct download later. For now, this works! Click here to download the PDF


jamie said...

Thanks Bri! Very cute.

Nicole said...

thanks for thinking of all of us. where is that baby???

Katie said...

awesome! thanks!

Rachel said...

the PDF doesn't include the months at the top of each page. It has the cute banner and the lines, but not the month. Is there a way I can get it before I print them?

Rachel said...

Oh, nevermind. The names of the months weren't in the preview, but when I went to print, they were there. So cute! THanks!