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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ollie, Ava and Baby Opal

Just before our trip to St. George, we stopped to see our new baby niece, Opal.  Jamie, my rockstar sister-in-law, had just given birth to Opal in a birthing center without any medication.  Just hearing her birth story got me all excited for whenever my next birth may be!

I also had a chance to play outside with Ollie and Ava in their magical backyard. Ava showed me the fairy meadow, the crystal forest and her stage (an old stump).


Rachel Pond said...

So cute! I wish we lived closer together so I could have you take newborn photos when our little one comes! You do such a great job, I would hire you in a second!

Ashley said...

oh newborn babes. they make my ovaries hurt. you would think all of this sleep deprived girl would want nothing to do with more babies, but pictures of newbies makes me want another!