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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fifth & Hazel Design Tips

My dear friend Melanie is an amazing graphic designer.  She is getting ready to launch her website, full of the best cards, stationary and invitations that I promise you will love.  She brought over some of her stuff to check out and I couldn't put them down I loved them so much!  Melanie will also be sharing her wealth of graphic design knowledge on her blog.  She is starting out with some of the basics and will go into further detail on lots of different aspects of design.  I think one of the reasons Melanie and I get along well because we both happen to be design nerds.  You know I will be checking out her blog daily to catch up on her design tips!  I just love people who are so willing to share what they know!

Melanie has recently been working on the Altitude Design Summit site.  I mean, how much more design cred does she need?!

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