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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspired Co's Christmas Issue

I'm a firm believer in waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating and listening to Christmas music.  BUT, I have no qualms gathering lots of ideas and starting on some projects!  My sister-in-law Jamie sent me a link to Inspire Co.'s Christmas Issue.  It's an online flip-through magazine of the best Christmas ideas.  It's well over 100 pages of awesome holiday-ness!  You can check out the issue here (make sure to click on the image to view the full version).

I am in LOVE with these silhouette gift tags.

I now have about 5 more projects added to my growing list!  I can't believe the holiday season is just around the corner!

1 comment:

{Erica} said...

the tree...oh my! LOVE!