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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Kitchen Remodel

While our kitchen may not be the ugliest kitchen (believe me, we lived in an apartment with the most hideous kitchen I've ever seen), but has to be one of the least functional kitchens out there.  We have dirty, old cabinets that were never intended for this house.  They must have gotten them from a showroom, or a different house or something.  I have one very small drawer in my whole kitchen.  We have our utensils in an upper cabinet because of it.  Two of the cabinet doors had to come off because they forgot to factor in the bump-out in the wall.  The doors wouldn't even open because they hit each other.  My pantry is a joke!  It's next to the fridge and extremely hard to get anything from there.  Needless to say, we can't wait to start working on our new kitchen!

Here are some before pictures:

If you're thinking there are a million things on the counter...you're right!

Yep, check out that awesome little drawer that is missing a drawer front.  Or how about checking out the corner cabinet that has a Lazy Susan that you can't get to because the doors open into the oven and side cabinet.

Just reach your hand next to the fridge to get to the back of the pantry...it's very convenient!

And here is what my Dad has come up with to make our kitchen ten billion times better!

This section stays mostly the same, except there is a nice corner upper cabinet that will actually function. 

Now here's where it gets exciting, for me anyways.  An island!  With drawers!!  We'll also have a little space for 2 stools.  Plus our fridge will be rotated and we will have an actual pantry cabinet that I can easily reach and organize!


The Adamsons said...

So exciting can't wait to see the finished product!

Kristina and Marcel said...

how fun! i'm sure its going to turn out magazine worthy with your great taste!!! so fun seeing you and cute little rilo the other day. your costumes were the best i've seen!

the sleepy time gal said...

i can't WAIT to see it all finished!