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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Skinny Ties

Adam is going to be so happy to hear that I can now alter "fat" ties and turn them into skinny ties.  If you know my husband then you know that he wears a tie nearly everyday, dressed down or dressed up.  Once upon a time, Adam sold suits at Macy's.  He is adamant that a man's tie should mimic the shape of the man's body.  So since Adam is more slim, a skinnier tie is more proportionate.  He's been telling me that it probably wouldn't be hard to alter ties, but I just didn't really know where to begin.  Design Mom just posted a great tutorial on how to alter ties.  Now I must head to the thrift store...


Check it out here.


Tianna said...

That's so funny that Adam says that ties should mimic a man's body type..I love skinny ties but I've never encouraged Derek to buy them because I just don't think they would work with his body type!

Charlotte said...

my husband is exactly the same. skinny ties are wear it's at at our house, and he wears a tie nearly everyday to work. so cute! and so hard to find. thanks so much for sharing this!! :)