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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shared Rooms

I would love to have another girl someday just so I can design a shared room.  I already posted about Jenny's shared room that I loved, but I have to share this room from Full House.  It is beyond beautiful!  And it was done with only $250...It looks like it could've cost thousands!  And did I mention Christina has twin girls and triplet boys?  Holy cow!  How she ever had the time to create such a masterpiece, I don't know.  Check out more pictures and details here.


Anonymous said...

I love pink and gold together for little girls rooms!! Suuuper cute!!

Ashley said...

So pretty!

Katie Bug said...

Oh, wow. That room is beautiful. The desk between the two beds reminds me of something that would be in my grandparents home. They have the most fab furiniture!