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Friday, July 9, 2010

From Sawyer to "Billy"

I dread having to take Sawyer to the groomers.  We have only once had a groomer give Sawyer the look we wanted.  Sawyer is a fluffy, curly Yorkie/Poodle mix and he should always be that way.  Despite my detailed descriptions on how I would like his hair to just be trimmed and how I love his fluffy curls, he always comes back looking like someone else's dog.  I've just come to expect it.  Which is why I wasn't even surprised when Saywer went from looking like this:

{image via Jessica Peterson}

To this:

It's not that he doesn't look "cute", it's just that he doesn't look like our dog.  So, until it grows back, he'll be "Billy" to us.  Poor Sawyer, I even think he doesn't feel like himself when he's like this!


Jami said...

I never recognize Walter when I pick him up at the groomers, but at least it grows back fast and he's probably cooler in the hot summer, right?

mary webb said...

Oooh, he still looks cute. Ask Adam about what our dog, Josh, looked like after Max got hold of him with the clippers!!

Charlotte said...

oh my, he is soooo cute!

Katie Bug said...

He's still a cutie! We dread taking Lex to the groomer, too...but mostly because we can't stand to pay $45 on a doggie hair cut.
In regards to my photo shoot outfit post:
We had our family photo taken on Saturday. I can't wait to see the results. My grandparents live about 30 minutes outside of Peoria, which puts us 3 hours away from Chicago.