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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Max Wanger's Wedding

Even though my wedding has long been over, I still love to browse some of my favorite wedding blogs for inspiration.  I just stumbled on Max Wanger's wedding via Once WedMax is a fantastic photographer...you may have seen his images around the web before.  Of course, his wedding is amazing.  I just love the creative and personal details.  All of these images were taken by Our Labor of Love. 

I adore this style of invitations.  And the fabric covered swing is perfect.

This setup doesn't even look real to me.  It is gorgeous.

Potted succulents as favors.

{images via Once Wed via Our Labor of Love}

I'm definitely storing away these ideas for future parties and events!  I have a few friends who have asked me to help plan their future weddings, so I am crossing my fingers they meet someone soon!  There are 5 posts up documenting this wedding...click here to check out the rest of the photos!

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