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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July

Do you have any exciting plans for the 4th?  I am hurrying to finish Rilo's outfit for the day.  We're also trying to plan a little dinner with some of the couples out here.  I've been looking into yummy desserts I can't eat.  Here are the ones I think look delicious:




And how easy would it be to whip up these shirts for your little ones?


Enjoy this holiday weekend!  Next week I should have a few sewing projects and the Rental Redesign living room reveal!


SctJulAmnAlxJck said...

Is it the dairy you can't eat? I had the same problem over a fourth before and you can totally make a flag cake without dairy. Maybe not the one pictured, but I used jello, fruit and non-dairy Cool Whip and it was delicious for all!

Anonymous said...

All of that stuff looks so delicious I am such a fan of red white and blue desserts. Ah yum. My mom makes this great red white and blue jello parfait that is stacked in a glass bowl and my mother in law makes an amazing red white and blue dessert with angel food cake squares, cool whip, strawberries and blue berries in parfait like layers YUM YUM YUM both of those cakes and those cookie things look DELISH!`