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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I picked up this red dress at a thrift store a few weeks ago.  Upon examining it more closely at home, I noticed a small hole near the waist.  Boo!  But luckily it was only $2, so it wasn't a total waste.  Plus, inspired by Melissa's awesome refashions, I'm going to attempt to turn it into a skirt for me and a dress for Rilo.  I'm blogging this now, in hopes that it will put pressure on me to finish it up today.  Hopefully, hopefully, I'll take some pictures of the finished product later today!

Here is the before:

The stripes are white, blue and yellow, thought it's hard to tell.   Wish me luck!


Travis Sadi and Taiya said...

The header is up... I LOVE IT! Thanks Bri so much! I wish I had your talent. I swear you can do anything.

Sarah loves it all said...

Way to see the potential! I bet it will look so good. I love those stripes!

Melissa said...

You shouldn't have any problems making both! What a great find. Too bad about the hole.

Charlotte said...

ooohhhh! Can't wait to see!