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Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Weeks

Do I really have a two-week old?! This is going way too fast already!

You gotta love all the flailing arms at this stage.

Love love love this little girl!!

Today is her two week check-up...I'll post her stats when we get back!


Chapman Family said...

She is so sweet! Enjoy these moments...they really do fly by!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...I just want to kiss those cheeks and give her lots of lovins!!!!


Love, Gigi

Nicole said...

you can really start to see her little face emerging... who she'll really look like.

Michelle said...

I love her!!!

and to answer your Question... Yes...and No. New parent babies are hard to come by....at least it was....and will be, come Sept of this year. I'm was the 1st to get pregnant out of the only 4 young newly married couples who are in the ward. I guess my ward really likes to help out the younger families that are just starting out. It is awesome. You definitely can't do that up in Utah.

Katie Bug said...

What a beautiful baby girl. Love her headband.