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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Do's

Sorry for the late/lame post today but I have been frantically trying to get things together!  I have a grocery list and meal planner from Knock Knock but I'm thinking I could really benefit from one of their To Do lists.  With all this technology, I still prefer to write things down...I think it helps me remember things better that way.

I am picking up my new business cards for my NEW BLOG that will hopefully launch in part, tomorrow or Friday!  I'll be bringing them to Alt to hand out.  When I get back from the printer, I'll try and get a post up showing you them.

I also stopped by Savers (thrift store) and bought some great stuff the other day to wear at Alt.  Gotta look your best for this you know.  I'm in the process of hemming this crazy floral skirt.  Its before is quite hideous, but when it's just at the top of my knee, it turns into this totally cute flouncy little thing!

I'll show you the final skirt/outfit hopefully tomorrow, before I head to Alt.!

And check out these amazing shoes I found at Savers that were very sadly, NOT in my size.  I even brought them to the checkout counter because I didn't want to part with them.  If anyone is a size 6-6.5 run to the Orem Savers and grab these.  It would make me so happy to see them with a good home!

Adam has been so amazing and has been working on the kitchen.  The backsplash just needs to be grouted and then a final coat of paint needs to go on the walls.  I would love for the reveal to be on Monday, but I'm being realistic since we are quite busy this weekend.  I will bet on next week for sure though! 

I am off to complete all the little things on my To Do list!  Have a great Wednesday!


Stacy {hart + sew} said...

i feel your pain with those shoes! just last week i had to put a pair back that were too big. there's just no way to justify 2 sizes too big. but they were beauties!

kylee said...

those shoes are amaaaaazing. please let my feet grow over night so they fit me.