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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen Stools

Well, the kitchen is in!  We're at about 85% finished.  All the major things are done (cabinets, sink faucet, appliances), but we still need to paint, pick out hardware, tile our backsplash and get stools.  I think a full reveal will be in order next week.

I've been looking at bar stools for our island.  We don't have a ton of space, so I'd like stools that are pretty slim so they can be tucked away.  Here are some options I found:

Simple Ikea chairs.  Great price and easily tucked into island area.

Love these knock-off Tolix chairs from Overstock, though reviews say it's painted metallic not the galvanized metal look it appears to have in the pictures.

These are knock off chairs too.  I happen to really like them, but the price is dissuading me.  I'd like to keep these budget friendly.

These last ones are from eBay.  Totally plays into the lucite trend, and because they are clear, will appear to not take up much space.  But the shipping is $20 more than the start price on these, and I just can't justify paying $100 in shipping!

And a quick look at part of the island!  I have drawers!!


Anonymous said...

I love the metallic ones!

Rachel Pond said...

Marcus and I were out one day and the only available seats at a restaurant was at the bar and they had the wire bars tools with the back and they were ridiculously uncomfortable and awkward to sit in. I've always thought they were cool from an aesthetic point of view, but horrible for function. Just my two cents!

{Erica} said...

We have a lot of the same taste...I love it!

So the IKEA stools we bought but since the base was so wide we could only fit 3 stools. We returned and got...the ones you mentioned from Overstock. They rock! I love how they look and you can't beat the price.

Sara K said...

I like the look of the Ikea stools the best.