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Monday, January 3, 2011

Kitchen Sink/Faucet

I just ordered our new kitchen sink and faucet because guess what?  We should have a new kitchen this weekend!  I am over the moon excited for it to happen!  The holidays really had me wishing for more counterspace and storage and now I will have it!

This is the faucet we chose.  Simple and modern, which we like.

 I think we have also decided to paint the kitchen white, if we have some spare time this week.  While I like the yellow, I'm excited for white to really modernize the space and make it feel clean and new.  After looking through some of my saved inspiration photos, I noticed that almost all of them had white walls.  We'll just use other accessories for the pops of yellow and orange.

I should have my New Year's resolutions post and giveaway up later today so don't forget to stop back by!

1 comment:

Jen @ Letsmakeitours said...

that faucet is beautiful :) I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!