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Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Cake Stands

This whole 1st birthday party is coming together in my head and I am loving it so far.  I had just been lamenting over the fact that I don't have a pretty cake stand for the fabulous cake I'm getting when I saw a post on DIY Cake Stands on You Are My Fave.  Perfect!  Simple and really cute.  And I'm assuming much cheaper than all the ones I've been looking at.  I'll have to see if Adam is in the mood for another project...


Oh and speaking of the cake!  Back during Bloggers Give Back, I bid and won on a cake from Pink Peach Cakes.  I tried some of her cake at Bijou Market and it was delish!  Plus her cakes are so unique and beautiful.  I'm sure whatever Darcie comes up with for the party will be fantastic!  Here's a sample of her work:

Happy Friday!  We are trying to get this kitchen finished up over this long weekend!

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the sleepy time gal said...

can't wait to see the birthday bash!