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Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos, Birthdays, and Closings

Yesterday, I asked some of the girls out here in Chicago to do a fun little photoshoot.  I love taking pictures of Rilo, but I wanted to practice on some other subjects.  Photography is such a fun hobby!  I might post some more of these next week after the girls give their stamp of approval.  Here's one I love of Amber:

Tomorrow marks the 25th birthday of my best friend!  Happy early birthday Marbear!!!

{Circa Halloween 2003?!  We won Most Creative at the Halloween Dance...mostly because we stayed in "tourist" character the WHOLE dance}

And lastly, I was sad to hear that Shade is closing down.  They are great for basics...I have several of their tees!  Boo!  But at least we can enjoy their sale


Have a great weekend!!!


Stacy said...

i hadn't heard shade was closing, that is shocking. oh, and when you get back i volunteer myself and avery for your photography practice! :)

Emily said...

i've been a fan of shade for awhile. that dress is adorable! very sad that it's closing.

oh! i finished my toilet paper roll art... pics on my blog. http://mostlynice.blogspot.com