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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Design Star

Adam and I watched HGTV's Design Star during this whole season.  I've seen bits and pieces of other seasons, but this was the first time we watched it start to finish.  We were happy when Emily won...she was our pick from the beginning.  She is quirky and funny and has great style.  Plus her show was an interesting concept and one I know I will watch.  She has an eclectic style, which I really relate to.  I found her design blog and found these pictures of her living room.  I really like this space...The navy is perfect.


my living room 2


And here was one of her room's she designed for the show.  I loved this room.  I wish the picture was better quality because it really is a great space.

ep 9 5

1 comment:

Sara McArthur said...

I was really glad Emily one too I love the concept of her show because I think it can translate really well to A LOT of people. I love the accent wall on her glass house room.