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Friday, August 20, 2010


Do you get your Groupon on?  I just recently found out about the site, via some friends on Facebook.  Here's how it works: There is a deal a day in most of the larger cities in the US.  If you're interested, you enter your information to buy it.  Each deal has a minimum amount of buyers needed in order for you to get the Groupon.  From what I've observed, it's pretty rare that the minimum number is not met.  Once the number is hit, you get your Groupon!  I just scored a $50 gift certificate to Gap for $25!

The Gap Groupon was the first national deal that was offered in every city.  Generally they support local places...I like the concept of supporting businesses in the area by guaranteeing them a certain amount of sales, while also giving consumers  (read: me) an awesome deal. 

And with that, I'm off for the weekend.  We are busy getting ready for the big party.  I have some banners to create and about 100 cupcakes to make!  I can't wait to share next week!