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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Helvetica T-shirts

I do love a good font and I love it even better when it's on a cute kids t-shirt.   American Apparel is carrying these alphabet shirts in the beloved font Helvetica.

 {image found via Design Mom}
 How fierce is this little girl in her gold spandex?

I promise you, there are good and bad fonts.  And some realllly bad fonts.  Poor font choice honestly makes me cringe.  This is a great post on Good Look Cookbook (and here is another one) if you are needing some help discerning between a good and bad font!  And you should probably spend the rest of your time on the blog because there are lots of great graphic design tips and tricks, plus tutorials and freebies.  Such a great resource!

Edit:  I just checked Design Sponge today and it looks like they are having a font day today!  Check it out here.


{Morgan} said...

Ew, I have always hated Papyrus. Seriously, it's the tackiest font ever and I hate when I see it on advertisements, signs or--my recent favorite--as the subtitles for Avatar. Seriously?! A billion-dollar movie and you can't get a decent font.

felonymelanie said...

oh typography. Your post made me so happy. I just love it... a little too much sometimes.