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Monday, October 25, 2010

Coffee Filter Pendant Light

This light makes such an incredible statement in the room.  I can't believe it was made out of coffee filters.  What a beautiful, yet cost effective DIY project!

{found via Made By Girl, images by Nichole}

I am soooo ready to have a clean and organized house.  Between moving back from Chicago and going on vacation for a week and a half, my house has been a mess! And it makes me feel crazy.  But we are just about all put back together.  A couple more loads of laundry and then I need to clear my desk so I can start working on our Halloween costumes.  Oh and I need to hurry and get our Halloween decorations up before Halloween is over!!  The holidays have come up so quickly.  I've already starting thinking about Christmas presents.  Yikes!


{Morgan} said...

It looks like the moon. I love it!

the sleepy time gal said...

very cool light and i love the black walls!