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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Decor

My Halloween decor is a little lackluster considering I just threw it up a few days ago.  And sadly, nothing new got added to the collection this year.  I really really wanted to make those fabric pumpkins.  Maybe if I can finish our Halloween costumes today, I'll have time to make one or two!  I suppose they could carry into Thanksgiving anyway.

Love this dolled up skeleton lady.  We got her in Mexico.  Can I tell you how mortified Adam was last year when she was accidentally still on the shelf when I took pictures with the Christmas decorations up?!  He wanted me to reshoot because she was in the picture! 

I love shopping the after holiday sales, mostly because I completely forget that I bought new decorations.  It's like I'm getting presents when I open my box the next year!  These candles and candlestick holders were a few of the things I have no recollection of purchasing!

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