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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nursery Additions and Chicago

Adam's job sends us to a different city each summer.  This year we are headed to Chicago!  In years past we have been to St. Louis (where our car was stolen) and Miami (where it was way too hot/humid to enjoy life).  I have never been to Chicago (besides the 5000 times I've had a layover there) but I have heard great things about the city.  Any recommendations for things to do, see and eat!?  I would love to hear them!

Knowing that we are leaving somehow gave me a push to finish up a couple of projects in Rilo's room.  We hung letters spelling her name above the closet.  The letters were on sale at Urban Outfitters and then we spray painted them white.

Next, I hung a shadowbox I got at Michael's for $4.  The original plan was to order a little wooden clock, but it was out of stock for a few weeks and then I never got around to ordering it.  The dead space was killing me, so I hung up the shadowbox and put in little vintage salt and pepper shakers.  It will do for now!

On Monday I should be ready to tell you about a summer long project I am going to be doing.  It's going to be fun for me, and hopefully fun for you to read about!  Wish me luck as I fly with Rilo to Chicago today!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in Chicago Cody and I were there for five months last summer and one month in Atlanta...we can relate to the moving thing ;)
Things to do in Chicago that are a must:
Museums- any you can make it to
Brookfield Zoo- more expensive but AMAZING
Lincoln Park Zoo- nothing to write home about but its downtown by the waters edge and did I mention FREE!
Summer Concerts in Elmhurst-free (and a charming little/big city feel about ten min from Oakbrook)
The Taste of Chicago-a MUST do! Features all the selections at one massive fair and you use tickets like a carnival
The Magnificent Mile (A given)
Have a great time and email me if you need more suggestions including great restaurants!
O and PS Rilo's room is PERFECT your style is awesome you should interior design for a living!

The Adamsons said...

Good Luck! Wish we could hang out all summer again!

Toddica said...

oh Todd is from Chicago! It is a beautiful city! Where are you guys living in Chicago? Downtown? Here are some of the things we like...

1. The Bean at Millennium Park
2. The Architectural Tour
3. Navy Pier
4. The Handcock Building and Sears Tower
5. Wrigley Field- Todd recommends :)
6. Shopping on Michigan Avenue
7. All the museums

And the Food is AMAZING!
1. Giordano's Pizza
2. The Grand Lux (Beautiful)
3. Garrett's Popcorn
4. Potbelly's
5. Portillo's (Cake Shakes!)

Let me know what you guys like! I am jealous, you guys will have a great summer. We might be out there sometime soon! Hope you guys enjoy yourself!

the sleepy time gal said...

i love the little squirrels!

Jami said...

I second the Potbelly's deli and you guys are not too far from one. I love that place. We ate there all the time in Detroit and Chicago.