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Friday, April 9, 2010

JCaroline Home

I used to go to JCaroline Creative to check out their fabric online.  They just recently stopped carrying fabric and now carry supplies like ribbon, hair clips, etc.  They also have a new store, JCaroline Home.  They are selling ottomans, pillows and chair covers for popular Ikea chairs.  I love that they have covers for the Tullsta! I have that chair in the corner of the office and I always feel like it's so boring in plain black.  I have NO knowledge on how to recover things besides a simple chair cushion so I've looked into buying a cover online before,with little options...until now!  You can choose from plain colors or various designer fabrics.  Here's one of the covers (thought not one I would choose):
{image via JCaroline}

I think I would go with something a little more subtle, like this option.

And speaking of fabric, I just went to a fabric store yesterday that carried designer fabrics like the ones I recently posted about.  I was in heaven!  I have been waiting to find a store nearby that had them.  I purchased lots of fun fabrics and can't wait to get started on some sewing stuff!  I have lots of projects on my To Do list...I just hope I can get a few done over the weekend.  Have a good one!

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