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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As Luck Would Have It...

{Image via ISLY. Part of my prize.}

I sure am having a good week! I entered a contest on ISLY with my T-shirt dress and I was chosen as the winner. I literally submitted it in the last few minutes. So awesome! Thanks Melissa and Georgia!

Also, you need to be reading ISLY. Melissa is basically amazing at everything. Turning an ugly dress into an amazing shirt? Check. Making a leather iPhone cover and giving you a tutorial? Check. Awesome free printables? Check. Bookbinding? Check. The list goes on...

{image via The Cotorie}

I also won a randomly picked giveaway over on The Cotorie for vintage children's books. It must be my lucky week! If I was a gambler, I would be at the tables right now!

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Orange Juice said...

awesome! congrats!~