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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Tour: Dining Room

I'm still in love with our dining room table.  It's an old farmhouse table, complete with all of the original chairs.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to get rid of it!  Since last year, the dining room has gained more plates on the plate wall and pillows on the bench. 

The next step is to have my friend Mary come out here and paint a big canvas for our large and very empty wall!  And someday I'll have Adam build me a little buffet table to go under the plates.

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Jade said...

love the color of the walls!

Jessica said...

I love this room. It looks so fresh and still like a place people can come and feel at home. Great job!
Please can you tell me the paint color on your dining room walls We are finishing a spare bedroom and I have been thinking about a shade of purple with a gray base and this looks like the perfect one. Thanks

Erin said...

What a beautiful room! The table and chairs are to die for!

Bri said...

Thanks ladies!

Jess, the color is by Laura Ashley and is called Deep Lavender. The gray in it is really nice! I love it!

Jessica said...

Thanks Bri,
I will add that to my running list of paint colors I have stolen/borrowed from some of my fav bloggers.

...Dane Joe and Whit Lee Nelson... said...

Ok, I freaking love your freaking house...and I still want to come see it in real life. When do you guys take off for Chicago!?

Katie Bug said...

I love the windows and chairs in your dining room. Your house has more style in this one room than all the rooms in my house put together!

Lewis.Muriel.Lily said...

Bri your house is amazing!!!! Think you could come decorate mine??? I love all your paint colors and all your cute decorations!!! Hope you guys are having so much fun in Chicago! We are in Houston this summer and it is very hot!!!