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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pinstripe and Plaid

Most of you probably know Adam is finishing up his degree in Business. He decided last semester that his emphasis would be Entrepreneurship. He is currently in a class where his first assignment is to start a business. His grade for this assignment depends upon how much he makes compared to his classmates. Now, as someone with a teaching degree, I am cringing inside just typing that. There are soooo many reasons why I think that is absurd. (But don't even get me started on some of his other professors...like his HR professor that has each student create a blog and write an "emotional response" after each chapter in the textbook. Yes I said textbook. Textbook?! Seriously? Since when is the purpose of a textbook to elicit an emotional response? Since NEVER.) Anyway, I digress....

When thinking about what to do, he brainstormed ideas for a business that he and I would both enjoy and that we could continue beyond the few weeks of this project. One of Adam's favorite presents from Christmas was a few pairs of handmade cufflinks that I made. If you know Adam, you know he loves cufflinks. He wears them to church on Sunday and several times during the week with a shirt and jeans. So, this seemed like the perfect venture for us.

We came up with Pinstripe and Plaid...Our own little Etsy with handmade cufflinks. So, since it is approaching Valentine's Day, I thought I would share these on the blog in case you have a loved one who might like something like this! There are tons of different colors and patterns to choose from and we will be updating our shop soon with even more!

We have twill cufflinks in just about every color!

And tons in cool patterns like these!


Kristina and Marcel said...

very cool... i just may need some of those for the hubster!!!

Jade said...

so cute!! I wish Joe had a reason to wear cufflinks, but I might just have to get some anyways, they would make awesome gifts!