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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nursery Inspiration Board

We are so close to finishing up the nursery. I think I've said that we were going to finish it for the past 3 weeks, but that's okay. Hopefully by next week I can reveal it, in all it's glory! For now, here is a quick peek at my inspiration board. We're going for a mix of modern and vintage, which shouldn't surprise most of you, since that's pretty much the theme of my whole house.

1. I finally decided on a rocker. Thanks for all the comments and emails with your suggestions. I actually went with one that wasn't even on my list. But, it looks really similar to the beautiful green one at a wayyyy better price. And it has pretty good reviews. It should be here this week!

2. I love this Squirrel clock. I have another clock from this same Etsy seller in my kitchen. Hopefully I'll order it soon! You can also see the wall color. A nice fresh green. One wall will have the green and white stripes, as pictured.

3. This is my vintage ceiling light from Ebay. The picture above is actually a before picture. We spray painted the wire brown and put a new cord and chain on it. And now we have a brand new light fixture for under $40. I don't think even Ikea can beat that price!

4. We went with the Babyletto Moda crib. I love the look and love that it converts to a bed as well.

5. If you can see the number 5, it's on the rug. I have loved that Bridget rug ever since it came out, but it has been off of their website for quite some time. We originally ordered a different rug but I wasn't sold on it. I randomly checked Pottery Barn the other day and saw that they had a 9x12 in stock. That would be way too big for the room, but it inspired me to call and see if they could locate a smaller size anywhere else. After much searching, the lady came through for me and I should get my rug today or tomorrow!

6. This is a picture of the main fabric for her bedding. It's My Folklore-Mushroom Forest Chocolate. I actually bought it about a month after we were married. I knew that this was what I would want for a little girl, and I knew it might be gone by the time we had her (and it is!). So we've pretty much had bedding and a name picked out for a little girl since right after we were married. I have a total of about 8 coordinating fabrics, along with the one in the picture that I'm using. I am putting the finishing touches on the blanket/quilt and will hopefully whip up the bumper and crib skirt in a day or two.

7. I've seen this idea around the blogosphere and knew I had to use it in our room. I think it's hard to tell in the picture, but they are bookshelves made from gutters, like the ones on the outside of a house. I'm a huge fan of forward facing books, and this is a perfect way to get the look, on the cheap. And it helps that we randomly have a new piece of white gutter just sitting in our basement, so it's really on the free for us. Adam is going to cut it down and mount it in the room, down at a kids level. That dresser is actually NOT our dresser, but we stripped and painted a dresser set brown and the pieces are finally finished!

8. Here is just one art print for her walls. I wanted to pull a few squirrels from the fabric into the room, but nothing too themey. In fact, it will probably just be the clock and the art print. I think the print is actually meant for scrapbooking or something of the sort?! It only cost $2.50 for the digital file. As for the rest of the art in the room, I'm going to make and print some pieces myself.

And there you have it. I can't wait until I'm able to post pictures with it finished! I just hope it all comes together like I'm imagining it will.


Stacy said...

cute! i love it, can't wait to see the finished product!

Nicole said...

very cool. i love the whole theme. i'm just like you with pulling together all of the elements for design.

Anonymous said...

love it! the squirrel clock is so cute! we need some more belly pics!