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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I will be 36 weeks on Sunday. I can't believe in one more week I will be full term. This pregnancy has gone so fast. I have been really lucky and have really enjoyed being pregnant. I'm not uncomfortable, I sleep through the night (I've never even gotten up for the bathroom!) and I still feel great. I know that this isn't normal, so believe me, I have not been taking this for granted. We feel so lucky to have this experience and can't wait for our little girl to come!

I thought she would start to move less since she is running out of room, but she is sooo squirmy these days. ALL day long! But it's been fun because Adam is able to "interact" with her more now. He can really feel her kicking and moving all around.

Well, this is a terrible picture, but I don't feel like attempting at another. Plus Adam is gone, so I had to take it myself. Next week we'll hope for a better pic. I think she has changed positions or something because I lost my belly! Well, it's still there, but I just looked back at the picture from New Year's and there seems to be quite a difference!


Jade said...

so cute! and sounds like a wonderful pregnancy, lucky! I mean, i even get up in the night to pee now ha!

Exteena said...

I seriously can't wait till you have her Briye Guy!