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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Donuts for Days...

In the last two weeks, we have got so many things done around our house. Two weekends ago my Dad and Martha came to help us with a bunch of projects. I am amazed at everything we did in those 3 days. And be "we" I mean my Dad, Adam and Martha. I mostly was on clean up duty (And sadly, still am. You can't imagine that layers of dust collected from a weekend...I'm on my 5th mopping). I'm especially proud of Adam...My Dad showed him what to do and then he did a lot of the work. I never imagined that Adam would be handy (did anyone?!), but man, he can pretty much do anything these days. Things we accomplished:
  • Knocked out a wall to give us a two door (funtional!) closet
  • Built a closet in the baby room
  • Built a small deck off our back door
  • Installed a garbage disposal
  • Fixed our spraying kitchen sink
  • Got "rid" of a window in our bedroom
  • Restained our vintage furniture
  • Put in a microwave/vent above our stove (You know, instead of the cabinets above a gas stove. Were they asking for a fire when they put that in?!)
  • Painted the baby room
  • Patched some holes in the hardwood
  • Rearranged the living room to make room for our new chair
Woohoo! Now we just need to wallpaper the office wall (Yes, we STILL haven't done that), finish up the baby room and lastly, redo the kitchen. I cannot wait to get that going! My Dad went over what he was thinking for the kitchen while he was here and I am beyond excited for it. Once we do those three things, that will be it for our big projects!

Here is a sneak peek at the closet, minus the doors. My camera should be returning from Canon soon and then I can post more pictures, including before and afters, of what we've done so far!
A big THANK YOU, to my Dad and Martha. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to do any of this! We love you guys!


Er Bear said...

How do you know Natalie Norton? I noticed that her blog is on your "stalkable blogs" list:) That is amazing you got so much done... can't wait to see the pics!

Er Bear said...

She just lives down the street from us... I bet you guys know a lot of peeps that live here because there are a group of them that are all from that same area. We were good friends with Richie's little brother Eric and wife Kindsay before they moved. I wish I had money so that Natalie could take some pics for us... she is amazing!

Orange Juice said...

I cannot wait to see the results. You guys did sooo much. What a good feeling. How have you been besides all the craziness of cleaning and organizing your house?! we miss you. Have you decided on what you are going to do for the birth?

Nicole said...

it's that nesting instinct---baby is coming soon!