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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I love reading design blogs. And I read my fair share of them. So I've seen a ton of Before and Afters. But this has to be one of the BEST Before and Afters I have ever seen. Lindsay, who blogs at Living With Lindsay, found this hideous coffee table for free on Craigslist. Someone had painted half the table with Kid Rock and the other with Britney Spears. Yep, seriously. And well, it's not exactly a great likeness to either of them. Somehow, she had a vision for this piece. And it turned out beautiful...out of a catalog beautiful.

It absolutely does not look like the same table! Amazing! You can read about how she did it here. Check out tons more inexpensive and easy tutorials on her blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahaha the before table is hilarious! I love Britney, but you have to draw the line somewhere. When I got married I took down my posters and put away my modgepodged Britney kleenex holder! the after table is amazing!