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Friday, October 2, 2009


We are halfway through this pregnancy! I am currently 20 weeks and feeling great. I love feeling her move and kick. Yes, "she" is indeed a she.

We had our ultrasound Monday, and we saw three little lines this time confirming her girlness. We didn't get any great shots of her though because she was in the STRANGEST position the whole time. She was upside down, with her feet completely over her head. The picture below is supposed to be a profile shot. This was the best we could do, even though most of her face is obstructed by her body. Hey, as long as she's content... I tried to label so you could try to make sense of what is going on.

We are also halfway done with the office. We painted the walls last weekend (see above pic) and picked up some new furniture and light fixtures. We just need to wallpaper, finish the clock and add a few art prints and I'll be ready to show off the new office. We're loving it already!

We're off to Cancun! Sadly, I still do not have my camera fixed so all you will see are my crummy shots. Can't wait to be in the warm sun again. Fall/Winter came a bit too abruptly here in Provo!


Chapman Family said...

Yeah for little girls!! You look so cute all prego :). What are your colors for baby girl Webb? I need to start sewing!!

felonymelanie said...

sad. I will miss having my yoga and walking buddy while you are gone. Enjoy the beautiful sun and beaches for me!

Nicole said...

how exciting!

...Dane Joe and Whit Lee Nelson... said...

Bri! Oh, you look so cute! I want to see you in person soon!