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Monday, October 19, 2009

Allo Allo

I've had a bunch of links saved of things I've loved recently. I'm finally getting around to sharing them. First, I spotted these greeting cards on Oh Happy Day.

Instead of using them as cards, I'm going to frame/hang them in a corner in the office. For only $3.95 a piece, they're a great, inexpensive way to get some art. Check out GreetQ, for other cards.

I've seen several upholstered headboards these days, and they've been tempting me to try it, perhaps in the baby room. I'm considering keeping a bed in there for reading, sleeping, guests, etc.

{via Design Sponge}
Grace is nice enough to include complete instructions on how to upholster the headboard.

You MUST check out this room makeover for these little girls. She gives some tutorials on some of what she did in this room, including the comforter and the window covering. There are lots of other pictures. I love that this room suits little girls without being to "cutesy" or "kiddish". There's no princess bedding, but I think the girls probably feel like princesses in the room.

And lastly, here are some recent pics. The day after we flew into Cancun (which I should put up some pics soon), I acquired a belly. It was literally overnight.


Chapman Family said...

U R soooo cute!! So happy for you, and your belly is super great. Welcome to the club!

Nicole said...

wow, girl, things are moving along! will you be coming here for christmas?