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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In the Land of Blogs

Image: Jonathan Canlas

So we recently found out that our wedding has made it to the wedding blog world! Woo hoo! I think I would have stumbled upon it myself, even without Jonathan Canlas letting us know about it, as I love The Brides Cafe! You can check it out here.

You should also check out what Jonathan is doing to help out the Nielson family(see post below). You can find out how awesome he is here.


Lewis.Muriel.Ollie said...

Bri! That is so awesome! I cannot believe how much I miss my hubby!! Only one more week till we see each other! A whole month is such a long time to not see each other. Are you just dying?!!!

Chapman Family said...

Bri, I just want to tell you how stinking cute you are. And not in that little girl kind of way...but in a grown-up I miss you kind of way. I am glad you found my blog...and I enjoy peaking in you and your hubby. KIT love ya, Michelle