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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

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I don't know how many of you have heard this story/opportunity, but I thought I would share with you. There is a very popular blog called NieNieDialogues written by Stephanie Nielson. She literally has hundreds of readers. She is a mother, a wife to four, and an extraordinary person. I've never met her, but when I read her blog I either want to be friends with her or just be her. She has impeccable personal style, great design taste, she is a great mom and a genuine person. Stephanie and her husband Christian, who she so obviously adores, were in a small plane crash in Arizona. The pilot lost his life. Stephanie's body was burned over 80% and Christian sustained burns over 30% of his body. Both are in chemically induced comas and will probably remain that way for months. Their recovery is likely to cost into the millions. Their children are staying in Utah with Stephanie's sister, CJane, who also writes brilliantly on her own blog. For some reason, I can't get them off my mind. Everyday I tell Adam an update or something I learned about them and their situation. I'm pretty sure CJane's words have made me cry at least a few times.

This story has affected so many people besides me, that over 275 people are holding auctions on what has been declared "NieNie Day" today. Most of the auctions will go until Sunday and all proceeds will be donated to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Recovery Fund, dedicated to help with medical expenses as well as keeping their household running. Let me tell you, the stuff being auctioned is fabulous. Art, jewelry, photography sessions, concert tickets, clothing, baby stuff, home decor and so much more. To see what you can bid on by category go here. I'm currently sitting at the airport on my way back to Provo deciding what I want to bid on (thank you Albuquerque airport for the free internet!). There is something for everyone! Even if you aren't planning on bidding, I promise you will be touched and spiritually uplifted by the love and support of the Nielson's family as well as by the hundreds of bloggers out there.

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Amberlie and Anthony said...

Wow, this makes me count my blessings and realize how lucky I really am. That family will definetley be in my prayers. Thank you Bri for sharing that with me.