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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode to Atom!

This is a post all about my husband. Reason #456 on why I love Atom: He is still a kid. This makes sense since I love kids and anything to do with kids, so obviously I would marry a guy who still is a kid. Here a few stories to illustrate:

We desperately needed to go grocery shopping, so one morning we headed to the store. Atom was hungry and when he spotted a huge bag of popcorn (like the one below) he grabbed it, opened it and started to eat it, to my dismay. Who seriously can eat THAT much popcorn??! Right as we were going to check out, Atom declares that he "doesn't think he actually wants the popcorn...it just looked good at the time". I wish I could have documented how large this bag really was but...it was stolen with the car.

Adam also picked up a water rocket in the toy aisle. This is what he looked like later that evening.

The next story starts when Adam's office wins a trip to Dave and Buster's, which if you haven't been, is basically a grown up Chuck E Cheese. After winning a bunch of tickets (thanks to me hitting the jackpot TWICE on this one game), Atom went to redeem our tickets. (Now mind you, the rest of the guys donated their tickets to get baby Bria a huge Care Bear.) Adam decided to get a giant pen and a kazoo. He was highly disappointed when he didn't have enough to get me a kazoo too, so we could hum songs together. Luckily, Kristeen was nice enough to donate the rest of her tickets to him so we could get me a kazoo as well.

Lastly, my favorite story! One morning, I woke up at 7am and Adam wasn't in bed. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom, so I rolled back over until I woke up again at 7:20. When Adam still wasn't there, I began to wonder. He's not much of a morning person, so this was unusual. I go out into the living room, expecting to find him out there, thinking maybe he just couldn't sleep. But alas, no Atom! Next I looked in our spare bathroom. The door is closed and there aren't any lights on. I find this:

Adam has pulled the mattress in from the extra room and is asleep on the bathroom floor. Now at first I feel bad, thinking he was sick all night long and didn't want to wake me up. I ask him if he's okay and he tells me in a groggy voice "it's too bright in our room". He woke up extra early in the morning, and couldn't fall back asleep because it was apparently too bright for him. So in his delusional state, he grabbed the mattress and went into the darkest place he could find...the bathroom! I spent the next hour with my face against the bathroom cabinets! At least it wasn't the toilet...

I'm definitely looking forward to many many years with lots and lots of laughs!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Hahahahahaha. I have seriously been laughing for the last few minutes. I can't believe he actually drug the dang matress into the bathroom.

Yeah, Mark and Adam are pretty much two peas in a pod I think. Last night we spent hours playing a game of "who can go farther without peddling the bike" that he made up. Every time he won he squealed. And then we spent an hour finding a suitable bug to feed a spider that we met. It was great fun.