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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aspiring to Inspire

I created these two inspiration boards with a certain someone in mind (who shall remain nameless for the time being). The event will probably be in November. These were two color options she had thought of and what better way to decide between the two than viewing the ever so awesome inspiration boards. The top left dress in each of the boards will most likely be the bridesmaid dresses. I applaud all brides who give their friends a dress they can actually WEAR again! I love both of the boards but I am definitely drawn to one (and so is Adam) but we'll see which one she prefers!!

The first board would be the dark turquoise color and varying shades of deeper blue, a very deep red and cream. No white, to avoid the patriotic look. I think the bottom middle picture displays exactly what I envision the mood and feel to be. Very romantic.

The second board is the same dark turquoise, gray and a little bit of orange, inspired by my previous posting. I am loving gray these days, although it is nearly impossible to find any pictures, especially of weddings in gray.

This brings me to my next thought. I switch between spellings for the color grey/gray.


Morgan said...

Ahem, can I just say that this particular someone better FREAKIN' NOT CHOOSE turquoise and orange because those are MY COLORS!!!!! Plus I think red looks much better and is much more "her thing."

Seriously, you choose T&O and I'll keel you.

But great job on these! They are SOOO much fun. I love them!

Mark Loves Angie said...

Ooooo. Purty. I like them both so dang much!