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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grand Theft Auto

Being a first hand observer, Brye felt I should describe the details that transpired on Friday. As I walked out of a home, the joy one usually feels as he leaves a sale was overcome by the shock one feels as he realizes his car just got stolen, (actually his wife’s car.) Yep, stolen. Glass all over the road, rock layin in the glass, stolen. Two of the neighbors saw it happen, but of course, no one called the cops or even yelled at the guy. One neighbor was nice enough to inform me of the exact time the break-in happened because she, “saw the guy smash my car window in just as her stories were ending.” Thanks grandma. This picture was taken by my tech right before another silent observer casually walked over, grabbed his rock, and lovingly placed it back in its designated spot in his yard. So I spent the rest of the day bumming rides from customers, haha. I actually was able to capitalize on my misfortune by sharing my sad story with customers and having them take me to their family members in the area. That got me 4 more sales, which is probably more money than the insurances companies would pay us anyway, (not that the Malibu/Classic isn’t an exquisite vehicle of luxury.) So there you have it, some brotha is pimpin' the hoods of St. Louis in his brand new previously owned Malibu with a missing drivers side window. Treat her wit love.

**UPDATE** We received a phone call late in the evening on Saturday, just as we were about to leave for dinner. Officer Buckley located the car 5 blocks west of where it was stolen. We are not exactly sure about the condition of the car, but it had been abandoned and the GPS and iPod were missing. However, the thief did leave his calling card, a plastic toy snake. We are going on Monday morning to be fingerprinted so they can run the perps prints and see how my darling Classic is doing.

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Exteena said...

I personally would never steal a malibu if I was in the stealing car biz. But apparently they are one hott item around the streets of St.Louis. Glad to hear they found it kids haha